My First Post!, four years in GNU/Linux world and I never had to post anything, why?,  all the issues were posted online by one or the other user and a probable solution was already there, it was a matter of using google and some patience.. 🙂

“The best help is to help yourself and the next best is Community Support.”

After Installing Debian 6, I was  unable to hibernate, all I could get was a blank screen which takes me back to my desktop. Hibernation used to work correctly in Lenny, but after much googling I couldn’t get proper solution, what I could get was–

Steve Solves his problem by using a newer kernel.

and came across many other Debian Forum posts of similar issue, and somewhere I read that one of the user solved this by installing/removing firmware-linux-nonfree. Installing a new kernel is headache for me, it’s not supported officially and I can’t go through it once again just to get my Nvidia card working, so I tried installing the firmware-linux-nonfree package, rebooted and now my 6 year old Laptop Hibernates!

(Remember to have the necessary packages installed– hibernate and pm-utils and you should have a swap partition which is greater than the amount of RAM, ~1.5 times the size of your RAM)

The issue here could be that Debian 5.0 (Lenny) had the binary blobs /closed source drivers, which were required to get my hardware to hibernate and in Debian 6.0 these were stripped out of kernel and place in a separate package-> firmware-linux-nonfree. This method may work for others, hence the post.Hope this helps someone

PS: Before using any advice from ANY post please check the post date and the version of the software being used.