A BSD, GNU/Linux user and enthusiast, from Mysore city, the city of Tipu Sultan.

I Started off with Windows 95, and for next eight years I used Windows 98 and Windows XP, finally discovering Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon, then Ubuntu Ultimate 1.7, Ubuntu 9.04 and after three years in total, I then moved to Debian, which is now my preferred GNU/Linux distribution.

I am also looking at PC-BSD as I like its single file software installer PBI, and it offers competition to Linux! which is  good for the end user 😉

Update on 02 August 2015:

I moved to FreeBSD in 2015 after using Debian Wheezy, CentOS 6.x at work. I tried out FreeBSD 10.1 before the move, and I liked the way it was interfaced for the user, the documentation, ZFS, pkg, etc